February, is suitable for sowing carrot and rocket, with harvest after 2 months.
Athens °C
El. Venizelos °C
Ioannina °C
Preveza °C
Alex/poli °C
Kalamata °C
    Wetter Ostsee


The selection of our Collaborators is based on the high quality of the materials and services
offered, as well as on consistency. Our partners include nursery gardeners, suppliers, shops
with a wide range of pots, construction companies, drawing offices, excavating equipment
companies and others.


leaf1 Kitantzis Plants Α.Ε. Plant breeding nursery Karampatsou Α.Ε. (
leaf1 Plant breeding nursery Zacharogianni Fytagora (
leaf1 Plant breeding nursery Ksirafi Kipodinamiki
leaf1 Abdelas Evangelos, Agriculturist
leaf1 Mavrogiannopoulos Nikos, Agriculturist
leaf1 Papadimiriou Eva, Agriculturist and Landscape Architect (
leaf1 Doukas Giannis, Constructions
leaf1 Mavrakis Christos, Plumbing
leaf1 Kallila Evangelia, Mechanical engineer

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