February, is suitable for sowing carrot and rocket, with harvest after 2 months.
Athens °C
El. Venizelos °C
Ioannina °C
Preveza °C
Alex/poli °C
Kalamata °C
    Wetter Ostsee


Our Services

The Services offered by Spring to Winter include all stages of planting and formation
of every interior or exterior space. The proper study and presentation to the client takes
place for each project before its implementation.

In Detail:

leaf1 Technical study of the plants
leaf1 Interior and exterior design                          
leaf1 Infrastructure of fully-automated irrigation systems
leaf1 Auxiliary constructions, like arbours, trellis, garden furniture and others
leaf1 Maintenance of green spaces

Other Services:

leaf1 Clearance of undergrowth for factories, warehouses and median strips
leaf1 Deratization
leaf1 Disinsection

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